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The Law Firm of Haden & Byrne

Haden & Byrne is a Columbia MO based law firm founded on the principle that in America the rights and liberties of individuals and businesses are sacred and deserve the maximum protection that the laws of the United States and the Constitution allow.

DUI/DWI Defense & Criminal Defense Columbia, MO

One of the most frightening and upsetting experiences a person can have is to be accused of or arrested for committing a crime. You need a criminal defense attorney that you can trust, and at Haden & Byrne we pride ourselves on being that lawyer.

Estate Planning & Elder Law Columbia, MO

Estate planning & Elder LAw is the process of preparing and implementing a plan for transferring assets from one generation to another. A comprehensive estate plan dictates how your assets will be distributed and minimizes taxes and headaches for your heirs.

Agricultural Law Missouri

Whether you have property dispute or are being harassed by bureaucrats, Haden & Byrne is here to help keep your farm or ranch operating profitably. We combine extensive agricultural experience with top-notch legal advice for you.

Columbia Attorneys Serving Mid-Missouri

At Haden & Byrne, we are uniquely situated in heart of Missouri allowing us to serve both central Missouri and the entire state. Located in Columbia, Missouri just blocks away from the Boone County Courthouse, our lawyers are able to handle any criminal, estate planning or civil case, no matter how big or small.

Our Partners

The Law Firm of Haden & Byrne was founded on the philosophy of providing a client-centered approach when offering legal advice and representation to our clients.

Connie Haden

Connie practices in the areas of estate planning, trust & probate administration, elder law & non-profit organizations.
See More About Attorney Connie Haden

Estate Planning Lawyer

Michael Byrne

Mike practices in the area of both civil and criminal litigation.
See More About Attorney Michael Byrne

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Brent Haden

Brent practices in the areas of criminal defense, civil litigation, and agricultural law.
See More About Attorney Brent Haden

DUI Defense Lawyer

Practice Areas

At The Law Firm of Haden & Byrne we offer a wide range of practice areas with experienced and dedicated lawyers ready to serve your individual needs.

Estate Planning

Our lawyers develop individual estate plans that include a Trust, Will, Powers of Attorney, Living Will & more.
See More About Estate Planning

Estate Planning Law Firm

Criminal Defense

With over 2,000 criminal cases tried, our experienced criminal attorneys can handle all manners of criminal cases.
See More About Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Law Firm

DUI/DWI Defense

When facing DUI or DWI charges, our aggressive DWI attorneys will ensure that you receive your legal rights.
See More About DUI Defense

Dui Defense Law Firm

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